Version 4.2.43


  • New notification features added to admin panel (For all users, e-mail based)

Version 4.2.42


  • The notification new features added to admin panel
    – Uid based notification
    – Stock base notifiction
    – Welcome notification

Version 4.2.41


  • Datasource yahoo finance’ data provisioning errors fixed
  • New blurred areas added for free trial 
  • Call for action messages are added on the blurred areas
  • Holiday messages added for BIST stocks 
  • 150 per day limit has been added to the tracking list

Version 4.2.40 


  • Stripe payment retry bugs fixed 
  • Web url redirect bugs fixed

Version 4.2.39


  • Domain unification 
  • E-Mail verification url redirect bug fixed
  • Dashboard bug fixed 

Version 4.2.38


  • Free trial package has been renewed
  • The product can be tried without the need for a credit card
  • Free trial users are subject to some restrictions on the product.
  • Free trial users can upgrade to a premium package at any time.

Version 4.2.37


  • Topbar simplification 
  • New sorting features have been added to the tracking list
  • Development of the interface for adding BIST stocks
  • Display of the most successful and profitable analysis added to the panel area

Version 4.2.36


  • The missing day error in cryptocurrencies fixed.
  • Additional to close value gain actual; gain actual max and gain prediction scores calculated and added from the expected max actual.
  • Admin panels has created.
  • Coupon bugs fixed. 

Version 4.2.35


  • Register dashboard recreated.
  • Coupon application provided for register and profile dashboards. 
  • The trial period increased to 7 days.
  • Adding multiple coupon has been blocked for all users.
  • Subscription Upgrade and Downgrade provided for all users. 

Version 4.2.34


  • The last thirty days Gain Actual and Gain Prediction provided according to max gain.
  • Reactivation process debug. 
  • Notification languages re-defined 
  • Adding stocks to tracking list bugs fixed 
  • Time zones and machine learning process rearranged for foreign markets. 
  • Deflection issues about Model 6 algorithm bugs been fixed. 

Version 4.2.33

Oct. 31 2020

  • Added Sorting by radar feature
  • Added reactivate for next period
  • Added questions for Delete Account
  • Unit cost is not reset after the sale operation is fixed

Version 4.2.32

Oct.21 2020

– Fixed the issue where buy / sell did not work in the table

-Heat map was prepared for risk values

-Close button in stock info is fixed.

Version 4.2.31

Oct. 16 2020

  • BTMR (Book To Market Value) accounts have been changed to MTBR (Market To Book Value).
  • The problem of not showing the message when clicking the Track button has been solved.
  • When there is no realtime data in the stocks in the daily suggestion, the situation of showing “NaN” in the line chart is resolved.
  • It has been provided to show a message on the screen for radars that appear null.
  • Profile-settings information not being saved problem has been solved.
  • When the language is changed, the sorting in the transaction does not work.
  • (Object object) error in the Daily suggestion table has been resolved.
  • Book value and market value sort properties were working incorrectly, solved.
  • The Reactivate button has been added to the Cancel button for users whose membership has expired but whose usage rights have not expired.

Version 4.2.30

Sep.02 2020

  • Twitter feed added to stock info

Version 4.2.29

Aug. 24 2020

  • Fixed issue where when logout is redirected from log to homepage.
  • The problem of not showing in wizards due to the page navigation effect has been solved.
  • Delete account dialogue added

Version 4.2.28

Aug. 18 2020

  • The survey questions were updated and a “Welcome” dialog was added to this page.
  • A dialog is added for the portfolio.
  • When the user is the first registered user in the dashboard, even if it is empty, the tables for display are provided.
  • The tab places on the profile page were changed and the edit image was removed.

Version 4.2.27

Aug. 12 2020

  • The feature of adding profile picture has been added to the site.
  • Radar chart added to stock-info.
  • Sell buy statements have been changed as up, down, upper limit and lower limit.