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Any information, statistical form and value that may be included in the XchangeWiser software product, does not recommend any investment instrument by OptiWisdom Inc. nor has the purpose and authority of such preference and representation. The data, score or value contained in XchangeWiser should not be construed as a trading offer or commitment of return on any investment instrument. This data, score or values may not be appropriate for your financial situation, risk and return preferences. Therefore, making an investment decision based solely on the information contained XchangeWiser may not attain the results that suit your expectations. By no manner of means this software product has guiding principle, it is intended to provide general information; thus, should be taken into consideration that it does not provide sufficient information to support users’ trading decisions. Consequently, OptiWisdom Inc. can not be held responsible for the results of future investments and financial transactions, or the losses that may arise based on the data, scores or values in XchangeWiser. The rights and responsibilities provided by this agreement cannot be transferred, rented or used to any other person or legal entity either paid or unpaid. OptiWisdom Inc. owns the copyrights arising from the ownership and ownership of the information, documents, software, design, graphics, etc. produced by itself and/or purchased from outside. Apart from OptiWisdom Inc.’s website and social media platforms, OptiWisdom Inc. content published on behalf of the company should not be considered. In this web site, OptiWisdom Inc. has intellectual property rights on the information and documents containing the trademark and logo belong to OptiWisdom Inc. does not accept responsibility if the user cannot receive data due to any technical problems or discrepancies in my data communication systems, hardware and software. OptiWisdom Inc., may make changes in the implementation of this agreement, modify, cancel or add new articles without the need to notify the members for future technical requirements and compliance with the legislation. OptiWisdom Inc. reserves the right to reflect any fees that may be requested by the relevant data and news sources in the future to its users.

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