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Oct. 16 2020

  • BTMR (Book To Market Value) accounts have been changed to MTBR (Market To Book Value).
  • The problem of not showing the message when clicking the Track button has been solved.
  • When there is no realtime data in the stocks in the daily suggestion, the situation of showing “NaN” in the line chart is resolved.
  • It has been provided to show a message on the screen for radars that appear null.
  • Profile-settings information not being saved problem has been solved.
  • When the language is changed, the sorting in the transaction does not work.
  • (Object object) error in the Daily suggestion table has been resolved.
  • Book value and market value sort properties were working incorrectly, solved.
  • The Reactivate button has been added to the Cancel button for users whose membership has expired but whose usage rights have not expired.

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