Version 4.3.33

Oct. 31 2020 Added Sorting by radar feature Added reactivate for next period Added questions for Delete Account Unit cost is not reset after the sale operation is fixed

Version 4.2.32

Oct.21 2020 – Fixed the issue where buy / sell did not work in the table -Heat map was prepared for risk values -Close button in stock info is fixed.

Version 4.2.31

Oct. 16 2020 BTMR (Book To Market Value) accounts have been changed to MTBR (Market To Book Value). The problem of not showing the message when clicking the Track button has been solved. When there is no realtime data in the stocks in the daily suggestion, the situation of showing […]

Version 4.2.29

Aug. 24 2020 Fixed issue where when logout is redirected from log to homepage. The problem of not showing in wizards due to the page navigation effect has been solved. Delete account dialogue added

Version 4.2.28

Aug. 18 2020 The survey questions were updated and a “Welcome” dialog was added to this page. A dialog is added for the portfolio. When the user is the first registered user in the dashboard, even if it is empty, the tables for display are provided. The tab places on […]

Version 4.2.27

Aug. 12 2020 The feature of adding profile picture has been added to the site. Radar chart added to stock-info. Sell buy statements have been changed as up, down, upper limit and lower limit.


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XchangeWiser Legal Notice

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